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  • New data available on grade inflation

    The Office for Students has released new data today on grade inflation at English universities. Take a look at our charts showing the rising proportion of graduates achieving first class degrees across the sector and the rising number of these first class degrees that the OfS consider ‘unexplained’. Read the full OfS analysis here.

  • New population projections change the long term game for UK HE

    The Office for National Statistics this week released its ‘2020 based interim’ UK population projections, offering an update on the previous ‘2018 based’ series. The dramatic increase in the number of 18 years olds as we progress through this decade that was indicated by previous projections – the demographic surge that is now well known […]

  • Predicted vs achieved grades in the Covid era

    UCAS’ release of its sector-level end of cycle data resources this week has given us an opportunity to interrogate the impact of a second year of dramatic A Level grade inflation in a new way. Included in the dataset is a measure of difference between an applicant’s predicted and achieved grades. Plotting the distribution of […]

  • Medicine reapplicants surge

    UCAS’ October deadline statistics, released this week, make for interesting reading as ever. The number of UK applicants to Medicine has risen by a further 4% after last year’s huge increase, bringing the size of the applicant pool to a new all time high. Breaking out first time applicants from what UCAS terms ‘reapplicants’ however […]

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