Further Education

Principal Pay at Further Education Colleges

The pay of University vice-chancellors is routinely the subject of scrutiny but over in the Further Education sector the pay of college readers rarely receives much attention.

The Education and Skills Funding Agency does however publish annual English FE college accounts and buried within these are remuneration details for college principals. The latest year’s accounts, covering the year to 31st July 2021, were released last month and so we’ve loaded the data into a quick tool to allow you to explore the rankings.

Here’s a quick look at this year’s top 5 by total remuneration:

View the FE College Principal’s Pay rankings

One might think that the pay package for a college principal might correlate quite closely with the size of the college. Plotting the principal’s total remuneration against the size of the college’s student body shows that for the most part this is indeed the case.

There are however some notable outliers, particularly at the very top of the pay rankings, as we can see here with the the top 5 highlighted: